How to bypass a code lock on your iPhone after forgetting it [+soutěž]

We usually secure apple phones via a so-called code lock and Touch / Face ID. However, we can relatively easily get into a situation where we cannot get into our iPhone through the code lock just mentioned. Several of these situations can occur. For example, a child can change the code, we can easily forget it after the change, and so on. The best solution for these situations seems to be the practical PassFab iPhone Unlocker application, which can completely remove the lock in a matter of minutes.

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Program functions

PassFab iPhone Unlocker offers several practical functions that can come in handy if necessary. As we mentioned in the introduction, this program can easily handle the removal of the code lock, thanks to which it will make our iPhone available to us and we can continue to work with it, or set a new code. That's not all, anyway. The application will continue to handle the iPhone, which is assigned to the iCloud account, for which you again forgot your login details. Even so, it can bypass security and allow you to log in again.

Another case where we can't get to the iPhone is active remote administration. This can happen relatively easily when buying a used product. Such phones previously belonged to a corporate network, which is why the device will require credentials. Fortunately, even in this case, the PassFab iPhone Unlocker only needs a few minutes to remove this security.

How to use PassFab iPhone Unlocker

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Personally, I really liked its simplicity on the program. For example, we can remove a code lock in practically three steps in a few minutes. First, of course, we need to connect our iPhone to a Mac (or PC) and run the application itself. Once PassFab iPhone Unlocker identifies which iPhone it is, it will offer you to download the necessary firmware, which will then take care of the whole unlocking. Then just tap the button, start unlocking and we're done in a few minutes. You can find the specific procedure in the attached gallery.

Connect iPhone to PC / Mac Download required firmware Remove code lock

At the same time, however, we must warn that such code lock removal will lose all data at the same time. For security reasons, there is no way around the lock. That is why you should not take backups lightly and have a simple insurance policy for these cases.


As mentioned above, PassFab iPhone Unlocker can easily and quickly handle unlocking an iPhone code lock, logging out of an iCloud account, or removing remote access security. In this regard, I must emphasize the simplicity that characterizes the program. Simply connect the phone, click a few times and we'll be done in a moment. You can try the application in a trial version for free. But you'll have to pay for all the features to be available, from $ 45.95 (for the monthly version) to $ 59.95 (for the lifetime license).

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Competition for 5 licenses

In cooperation with the developer, we have prepared a special competition for you for 5 license keys for the PassFab iPhone Unlocker application. In this case, just comment on this article, which will automatically get you to the draw. We will then announce the winner again in the comments on Sunday, May 23, when we will ask you to contact us.

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