How to change strap of Mi Watch Color? Super easy!

These days, I have been wearing the Xiaomi Mi Watch Color. The battery life is really impressive. However, the original strap that comes with the watch is really not my taste.

Xiaomi’s original silicone strap is actually okay. The inside is not completely flat and has slots to breathe. But for me, it is still a little stuffy when tightened.

The original silicone strap has a quick-release lug, which is easy to replace and does not require professional tools. You can easily change the strap without any professional tools.

After removing the strap, I found that the strap of Xiaomi Mi Watch Color is one of the standard specifications 22mm. So there are a lot of different straps you can choose the replace.

Xiaomi official website only has silicone and leather replacement straps for Mi Watch Color. However, this time I decided to change to my 22mm Milan steel strap. The Milan strap is a strap woven with steel wire. I like the breathable and sweat-resistant design. And because the strap is heavy, if it is used on a large and heavy watch, it can balance the weight and improve wearing comfort.

However, Mi Watch Color does not have quick-release ears. It is traditional.

I have some tools. You can easily get them from any eshop.

The key point of replacement is to use the tool’s split head to hold the slot on the raw ear and press down firmly. Insert the top protrusion into the small hole in the watch ear.

Raw ears usually come with straps, and do not need to be purchased separately. The holes in the strap’s ears are slotted to leave room for the installation and removal tools.

So, let’s remove the original silicone strap.

Usually a pin buckle, is installed with the long end on the inside and the buckle end on the outside; the strap of the folding buckle and the butterfly buckle are opposite.

Then the replacement of the strap is done! It took only around 5 mins, which is super fast and easy. So if you want to change the strap of your Mi Watch Color, do not hesitate and just do it!

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