How to combine two videos into one on an iPhone

For several years in a row, the world's largest technology giants have been working to improve the photo systems of their smartphones. For a long time now, phones have not been intended only for calling or writing SMS messages – we can use them, among other things, for playing games, or just for taking photos or shooting videos. If you like to shoot videos with an apple phone, or if you are trying to create some simple movies, you need a simple editor. IOS includes a video editing section, anyway, if you want to link them, for example, you have to reach for an application – such as iMovie, which is available for free. Let's take a look at how to combine two videos into one on the iPhone.

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How to combine two videos into one on an iPhone

As I mentioned above – if you want to combine two videos into one in iOS or iPadOS, you will need an application for that – you will not find this option in the system natively. For example, you can use iMovie, a free application from Apple that is used to edit videos. Once you have downloaded iMovie from the App Store, proceed as follows:

After launching iMovie, click the + icon at the top to add a new project.
A new window will appear in which you can click Movie.

Once you've done so, select two (or more) videos to join.
After selecting videos, click Make Movie at the bottom.

The individual videos you selected will be pasted onto the timeline.

Hold your finger on one video to swap the order.

Finally, all you have to do is move the video before or after the next video.
When you are satisfied, click Done at the top left.

Now click on the share icon (arrow square) at the bottom.
From the menu that appears, select Save Video below.

After a while, the video will be saved in your library, ie in the Photos application.

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So you can combine two (or more) videos into one relatively easily. Of course, iMovie is an application that offers many other functions – you can add transitions between individual videos, you can also add various texts and subtitles, edit audio, set filters, edit and much more. The good news is that iMovie is definitely not a complicated program, so you will certainly come up with most of the procedures yourself. On the other hand, it's nothing professional, but iMovie is enough to quickly edit videos.

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