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How to convert DVD to MP4 format on Mac? MacX DVD Ripper Pro will help you [nyní se slevou] - GEARCOUPON

How to convert DVD to MP4 format on Mac? MacX DVD Ripper Pro will help you [nyní se slevou]

Commercial: The days when we used DVDs to store and transmit movies and videos are long gone. But what do you do now with older discs you wouldn't want to lose? Of course, it's best to convert them to a suitable format and store it in digital form, for example on cloud storage. At the same time, you can transfer your favorite videos to your computers and smartphones or insure against their loss or damage. The popular MacX DVD Ripper Pro program, which you can try for free, can easily handle this task. If you like this software, you will definitely appreciate the opportunity to buy it now with a significant special discount!

Why convert DVD to MP4 or program options

As we have seen above, of course, the most important question is why you would actually want to convert an old DVD to MP4 format. Of course, time is constantly shifting, which is why it can be said that the times of DVDs have long rang. With this solution, you have a great opportunity for better storage of the mentioned data, thanks to which you can easily release them at any time, for example, on your iPhone, iPad, TV, Mac and others, without having to have a DVD drive. However, this is not the only benefit. We have already indicated above that in this way you will actually insure the given copy. Subsequently, you can store it not only in the cloud, but for example directly on the internal / external drive or home NAS, without having to worry about whether the drive will be lost, scratched or otherwise damaged, for example.

macx dvd ripper pro

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At the same time, we must not forget to mention how the program itself actually works. In this case, they will definitely appreciate its simplicity and the wide range of options it brings to its users. And believe me, it's worth it. A simple and clear user environment is a matter of course. As for the options themselves, MacX DVD Ripper Pro can easily handle converting your DVDs to MP4, HEVC / H.265, H.264, MOV, FLV, MPEG4 and more than 350 others. In this case, you don't even have to set the format, as you can choose the destination device on which you can play the contents of the DVD, with a choice of iPhone, iPad, Android phone, tablet, computer, TV and other media players. This way, you can convert any old or even locked DVD to traditional video, or create a so-called one-to-one backup in ISO format without losing quality. The best part is that everything is going at a tremendous speed and thanks to hardware acceleration you are done in 5 minutes.

How it all works

MacX DVD Ripper Pro

MacX DVD Ripper Pro


MacX DVD Ripper Pro


MacX DVD Ripper Pro


MacX DVD Ripper Pro


Enter the gallery

Once you have turned on the program, just choose at the top which file / disk you will actually work with. In this case, MacX DVD Ripper Pro automatically identifies the connected DVDs, or allows you to map a so-called ISO file. After loading it, it is quite simple and the software will guide you through the entire process. Just choose the format / target device and you're practically done. But if you want, you can even adjust some parameters, extract audio, or even cut out a passage, trim, merge, or even add subtitles. There are simply several options and it is up to you whether you try them. Due to the fact that a free version of this program is available, it is definitely worth a try.

Don't miss the huge discount

We mentioned right at the beginning that MacX DVD Ripper Pro is currently available at an amazing discount! As part of the current event, the software has received a huge discount, thanks to which you can buy it much cheaper. In addition, you can choose from three possible plans. For example, there is a three-month Lite license for 1 Mac for $ 29.95, an annual Premium license for 3 Macs for $ 39.95, which also gives you priority access to technical support, and a lifetime Ultimate license for 1 Mac for $ 55.95. But don't wait unnecessarily with your purchase. The event ends this weekend. If you are groping for a purchase, then definitely try the mentioned free version, where you can try everything.

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