How to convert old DVD to MP4 for free using MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Nowadays, DVDs are simply out. It seems like a short time when people competed over who has a larger collection of films at home, but the truth is that it's been a few years back. The DVD format is obsolete for several different reasons. The first is the size of one DVD, which is 4.7 GB, which is very small by today's standards. Another reason why DVDs have been discontinued is simply scratching or destroying the disc, which can permanently lose and damage your data.

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Convert your DVD collection to digital format!

If you still have a collection of DVD movies or some family memories at home, you should transfer them to digital format as soon as possible, either directly to your computer, or to an external hard drive, flash drive, or home NAS station. There are countless different programs available on the Internet that can help you convert DVD to MP4. It should be noted, however, that most of these programs are simply useless. This is because similar programs often do not work with DVDs – often the conversion deteriorates the quality of the entire recording, or even unexpected crashes in some non-standard situation. In this case, the perfect MacX DVD Ripper Pro program comes in handy, which has perfect references on the Internet and people simply love it. You can convert DVD to MP4 on Mac with MacX DVD Ripper Pro for free.

macx dvd ripper pro

Source: MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Why MacX DVD Ripper Pro?

The main reason why people like MacX DVD Ripper Pro is the conversion in 1: 1 quality. This means that this program can easily convert an image from a DVD to a dogital format without losing quality. Loss of quality is one of the main ailments of competing programs. MacX DVD Ripper Pro uses a high-quality engine to convert DVD to MP4 or other formats, along with other features that prevent quality loss. In addition, it supports Hyper-Threading, which is support for processor threads, which is key to quickly and accurately converting your DVDs to digital.

macx dvd ripper pro

Source: MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Up to 80% reduction

MacX DVD Ripper Pro can reduce the resulting video in digital form by up to 80%, again without losing the original quality. Of course, there are several formats to which you can convert DVD, but if you choose MP4, you will do practically the best – because the video will not be compressed in any way and will be saved in full quality, which will also reduce its size by up to 80 %. This means that if you had a 4 GB movie recorded on a DVD, it will take up just around 500 MB on your disc after conversion. This saves a lot of disk space and instead of a few files, a lot more data will fit on the disk, which everyone will definitely appreciate. You can buy MacX DVD Ripper Pro in full version and in action here.

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Up to 47x faster than the competition

Another attraction of MacX DVD Ripper Pro is its support for third-level hardware acceleration. If you've never heard of hardware acceleration, it's a form of technology that can speed up the entire process of converting DVD to MP4 – in the case of MacX DVD Ripper Pro, the conversion speed is up to 47x faster. Classic programs use only the main processor to convert video files, while the graphics card remains idle in this case. If the program supports hardware acceleration, then in addition to the processor, a graphics card can be involved in the overall process. This allows the program to run much faster, as it has extra hardware resources available. So who would want to wait a few hours to convert a single DVD, when with MacX DVD Ripper Pro you can convert an entire DVD to MP4 in just 5 minutes?

Source: MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Other great features of MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Other great features of MacX DVD Ripper Pro include the ability to convert protected DVD files. Whether your DVD is "locked" to a specific region or has 99-title DVD protection, the MacX DVD Ripper Pro can handle it without any problems. In addition, this program can also work with damaged DVDs and repair them during conversion so that the result is visible. Among other things, MacX DVD Ripper Pro can handle other non-standard DVD formats. In addition to MP4, the program can then convert DVD to HEVC, MOC, FLV, MPEG4, AVI, QT, MP3 and other formats. At the same time, you can set the conversion to adapt, for example, to the transfer to your iPhone or iPad.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro may also interest you with a variety of extra tools that you would look for in vain with other programs. In addition to the fact that the program takes care of the conversion of files, it offers, for example, the possibility to copy the entire DVD disc to another, if necessary, it can also convert the ISO format to a classic DVD. MacX DVD Ripper Pro has no problem creating DVDs either. In this case, it also offers you a simple video editor, in which you can easily edit, cut, merge, add captions and edit parameters. So if you opt for the MacX DVD Ripper Pro, in addition to a capable converter, you will also get a simple environment for creating and editing your videos.

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If you are looking for a program that can convert your DVDs to digital format, such as MP4, in the best quality, you can stop searching. In this case, the MacX DVD Ripper Pro is the best you can get on the market. It offers a lossless 1: 1 conversion from DVD to MP4, along with support for hardware acceleration, making the entire program up to 47x faster than the competition. In this way, the program can convert an entire DVD in just 5 minutes, in addition to which the resulting video file is reduced by up to 80%. In addition, you can download the MacX DVD Ripper Pro in the current promotion in a version without support for free updates. If you are interested in the full version of the program with support for updates, you can do so in action for $ 29.95.

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Source: MacX DVD Ripper Pro

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