How to create a simple web page: Introduction, text and image editing, structure [1. díl]

Creating a website is nothing complicated today. Long gone are the days when you needed knowledge of HTML, CSS and possibly some programming languages ​​to create your own website. Nowadays, so-called "visual editors" of websites are working. These editors work quite simply – when you move to them, what you do in the interface will immediately be reflected on your site. In the end, you only add your content in the form of texts, images and other elements to the finished template, which one can do without any technical knowledge.

Saywebpage Solution

Numerous different companies are available on the Internet to enable the creation of websites as described above. Unfortunately, most of them are in English and some users, especially the older ones, may not fully understand the interface. In this case, the game is being changed by the Czech service Saywebpage, which is equal in quality to various foreign companies – and it should be noted that in many respects it can also surpass them. With Saywebpage, you don't really need anything to create your own website – hosting, along with the domain, will register you with Saywebpage, and then provide you with various templates with the aforementioned visual editor.

saywebpage solution


What is hosting and domain?

Before we start creating a website, let's say what the hosting and domain is. Hosting is a server on which your site is running and is needed to create any site. Even in this case, there are countless companies in the Czech Republic that offer these hosting services. It should be noted, however, that in the case of Saywebpage you do not have to choose any hosting, as it is provided to you together with the website. The domain, correctly the domain name, is then the portion of the web address that appears after www. For technologically savvy users, the domain is the textual name of the server that represents its IP address. In the case of Saywebpage, you just choose the domain you need, and if it's free, they'll register it for you – and you don't have to worry about it. For example, there are no complicated file uploads via FTP and other complex and unpleasant tasks. If you already own your domain, you can simply transfer it to Saywebpage.

Creating a site takes a few minutes


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There are several different templates available that are sorted by subject. For example, if you only need to create a simple portfolio, then you choose the template you like and you're virtually done. You do not need to encode or set up anything and you immediately insert text or photo content. So you can have your portfolio ready in minutes, which is absolutely great in today's hectic times. Of course you can also start with an empty template and create your own design to your liking. Imagination has no limits, and Saywebpage will definitely not restrict you – on the contrary, it will provide you with an environment that will further support your imagination.

30-day trial period

All you need to do is log in by e-mail or Facebook to create your website. It should be noted that you can try to create and order your site afterwards. Saywebpage offers 30 free trial days and you can pay afterwards. It is important to note that you do not need to enter your credit card information at registration, which many companies use and rely on you to forget to cancel your trial, and then charge you for the first period. Within 30 days, you can decide if Saywebpage is right for you or not – and no one will push you into anything.

Register to Saywebpage


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To create your website, go to, and then click Create Site Now in the upper right corner. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, either log in using Facebook or register traditionally. After registration, choose one of the displayed templates – in this case, do not pay much attention to images and text, as you can quickly change them. For example, if you want to make a website for weddings and like a car service template, it's definitely no problem. Of course, before you choose, you can check it out first to see if it is right for you. Once you choose a template, you will find yourself in the environment of a visual editor, which is changing text, pictures, etc. Let's first look together, for example, how the text or pictures can be changed.

Change text and pictures


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If you want to change some text on the web, you just need to click on one of the existing text and start typing it. A panel will then appear on the right side of the screen where you can format the text, such as bold, recolor, or align, and other useful features. If you want to change an image, just click on the image again and then select Change image in the right panel. Each image is then recommended to create an alternative description – both for better SEO (we'll talk more about this in the next episode), and if someone blind visits your site. Be sure to save your work at the top of the screen to avoid losing it!

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Web structure, rules and superiority


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When creating your site, you should know at least a few terms and how it works. For example, we can start with a site structure. The entire site is created in the Main section, which is virtually the entire body of the site. In this “body” there is another section, a kind of packaging. You can then insert content into these wrappers, or you can even unfold them into specific columns, in which content is then inserted. At the same time, there are certain rules in these sections and packaging, along with some form of 'priority'. Simply put, each smaller element is superior and “more important” than the larger element. So if you set left-aligned text in a column and the entire section with columns is centered, the column will not listen to the larger section and will continue to be left-aligned. However, if the columns have a default value and you set the section to justify left, for example, the columns will listen and justify left.


That's from the first part of making a website in Saywebpage all. In the second episode, we look at advanced image editing, along with background image editing. We'll also tell you how big the uploaded images should be. We'll also show you how you can use Design to change the look and feel of headlines, text, buttons, or other elements. Be sure to watch the magazine Letem světem Applem to keep the other parts of this mini-series from running out.

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