How to customize the toolbar on a Mac in Safari

If you are a user of apple devices, you may be using the native Safari web browser to browse the Internet. This browser from Apple is fast and above all secure, in addition to which it also offers perfect functions that you can use in the context of continuity. With the advent of macOS 11 Big Sur, Apple Safari has undergone some design changes. Of course, this was not drastic, in any case, it is quite possible that some elements and their location may not suit all users.

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How to customize the toolbar on a Mac in Safari

Fortunately, we can customize most of these elements in Safari on a Mac, which is definitely useful. Specifically, you can edit the elements that are located at the top of the window – this section is called the toolbar. By default, you'll find an address bar here, along with an icon for downloading, sharing, bookmarking, and reporting. However, you can add other useful tools – just follow these steps:

First, you need to move to the active window of the native Safari application.
Once you've done so, find a tab called Views in the top bar.
Now click on the tab to display the drop-down menu.
Within this menu, just click on the Edit toolbar box at the top…
Then another small window will appear, which is used to edit the toolbar.

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Within this panel, all you have to do is select the element you want to use and then move it to the marked rectangles. If, on the other hand, you want to remove an added icon from the panel, simply take it and move it away. Of course, you can also change the position of individual icons – if you do not like the order of some tools, for example, then there is nothing easier than to grab the icons and move them according to the position according to your own taste. When you are satisfied with the edits, click Done at the bottom right of the window.

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