How to determine if iPhone is blocked on carrier

When you are going to buy a second-hand iPhone, you are certainly interested in its visual status and functionality. Of course, functionality is also related to whether the iPhone is blocked on the operator or not. If it was blocked, you would either have to pay for the unlocking, which often costs a lot of money, or in the worst case you would simply have an iPod touch brick from your “new” iPhone – you couldn't make calls, send messages, and more that are related to the operator. So how do you know when buying whether iPhone is blocked or not? There are three different procedures.

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Bookmarks in Settings


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If you do not have a SIM card with you, you can recognize a blocked iPhone even without it. Just go to the Mobile data section of Settings. Then go down below and look for a field called Mobile Data Network. If it is here, the iPhone is not blocked. In case you can't find it, in some cases it may be an iPhone that is blocked to the operator.

Using the SIM card

The simplest and the best way to find out the blocking on the operator is by using the SIM card. It is best if you have a SIM card from at least two different operators. Then test both of these SIM cards on iPhone by turning off iPhone, pulling out the SIM card slot, inserting it, sliding the drawer, and then turning on iPhone. If you can make calls and iPhone has a signal, you're on track – but try the same with a different SIM card now. If the iPhone still has a signal, it is not blocked. If you can't reach someone, or if you don't have an iPhone signal, it's most likely blocked.

IMEI control


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You can also use an IMEI number to verify that iPhone is blocked. This is a unique number that every iPhone has. There are websites that you can use to verify that your IMEI is not blocked by chance. Unfortunately, these sites are mostly paid, so you have to pay for information about blocking. You can find your IMEI number in Settings -> General -> Information. Then just go down and enter the 15-digit IMEI number in the appropriate IMEI validation field. There are a lot of these tools on the Internet, just type "IMEI checker" into Google, and then choose the service you see fit. I can recommend this.

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