How to easily delete all posts from your Facebook iPhone

If you belong to the younger generation, then quite possibly you have Facebook created for several years. Many of us still used Facebook at a time when we were just becoming "teens." This is also associated with a lower level of maturity – we often added such posts on Facebook as young people, which you probably never dreamed of even in the worst nightmares. All these contributions can then appear in our memories on certain days, so we can see what damage we have done. Most often in this case, we will delete the post immediately, because we do not want to risk that someone would want to see it.

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How to easily delete all posts from your Facebook iPhone

If you wanted to delete your posts from Facebook on iPhone, you had to do so one by one, either as part of your memories, or you had to go really lower on your profile and find old posts. However, Facebook also includes a simple interface in which you can view posts from a specific date, then tag and delete them. The procedure is as follows:

First, you need to move it to Facebook on your iPhone.
Once you have done so, tap the three line icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
A menu will open where you go down a bit – specifically to the Settings and privacy box, which you click on. The item will now expand and more options will appear. Click Privacy Report here.
On the next screen, go down a bit again, to the category Your information on Facebook.
Click the View my activity logs box here.
Once you've done so, click Manage Posts in the Your Posts category.
A list of all the posts you have published is displayed. Click Filters to set up posts from a specific category, date, or associated with selected people.
To view older posts, click Date and set your criteria.
Then all you have to do is mark certain posts and either archive or discard (delete) using the buttons below.

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Using the above method, you can easily delete posts on Facebook that you no longer want to subscribe to. I bet most of us have been horrified by the click of older posts. The good news, however, is that deleting older posts is no longer difficult, and you don't have to do this manually one at a time. You simply filter posts from a specific date, tag them, and delete them.

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