How to find out the condition of the battery on a MacBook

Currently, you can view the battery condition on virtually all apple devices. This percentage simply indicates up to what percentage of its original capacity the battery can be charged. Since the battery is a standard consumer product, it is necessary to replace it at some point. It can be said that the condition of the battery makes it relatively easy to find out how medically the battery is at the moment. It is generally stated that as soon as the condition of the battery falls below 80%, the battery should be replaced, as it may no longer have its original properties. The battery condition was available on the MacBook for some time, but later Apple decided to remove it. So how do you currently find out the condition of your battery on your MacBook?

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How to find out the condition of the battery on a MacBook

As I mentioned above, the native procedure for determining battery condition does not currently exist within macOS. Apple displayed this information in the system preferences for a while, but for some reason it decided to hide it again. So you have to use a solution, ie an application that comes from a third-party developer. The procedure is therefore as follows:

First, you need to download an application called coconutBattery – click this link.
Use the link above to go to the application pages, where you can click Download.

The coconutBattery application will be downloaded and launched immediately.

Once launched, make sure you're at the top of the This Mac section.

Now pay attention to the percentage under Design Capacity in the application.

This information determines how well your MacBook battery is working.

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In addition to the condition of the battery, the age of the battery is also determined by the so-called charging cycles. You can also find out these within coconutBattery, you can find them under the term Cycle Count. You can also view, for example, the status, temperature and usage of the battery, there is no lack of information about the date of its production and several other useful data. If you also connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac, you can move to the iOS device section, where similar battery status information is displayed, including the number of cycles and other information. In the History column, you can then see how the battery condition on your device has gone down over time

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