How to find the right size for the Solo Loop for the Apple Watch

It's been a few weeks since the last Apple Event. At this apple conference, the apple company most often introduces new iPhones, in any case there was a deviation this year and we saw the introduction of the new Apple Watch and iPads. With the arrival of the new apple watch, we also saw two new straps from the string family. Unlike all the others, these threading straps are solved by having no buckle or fastening. So you have to put them on your hand, which may suit many users much more. In this case, Apple had to come up with size variants, because each of us has a different hand. Let's take a look at this article to see how you can find out the size of your strap.

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Are you going to buy a new strap? Use the instructions to find out your size

Apple offers nine different size variants for the new strap straps, for both size variants of the watch itself. So if you want to find out which of these nine variants is right for you, continue reading:

Right at the beginning, you need to download a special apple document with the help, using this link.

Once you've downloaded the document, print it the classic way. You must print at 100% size, do not edit the document in any way.

After printing, prepare a payment card or ID card and attach it to the box in the lower left corner. If the size corresponds, you have the document printed correctly. If the sizes are different, you printed the document incorrectly.

Now you need to cut out the tool from the printed document.

After cutting, wrap the device around your wrist where you normally wear your watch.
It is necessary that the device fits snugly to the wrist, so tighten it slightly.

Finally, just make a note of the number indicated by the arrow at the larger end of the device – this is the size of your strap.

If the arrow points to a line between two sizes, you should always always choose the smaller one.

apple watch strap size Source: Apple

Measuring the right size is really important. So don't be afraid to contact a friend or family member to help you hold the device. If no one can help you, you can tape the larger end of the device to your wrist. In the introductory paragraph, I mentioned that we saw the introduction of a total of two new threading straps. The first of these is simply called the strap and is made of soft and flexible silicone rubber. The second strap is then called a knitted threading strap – it is made of recycled yarn, which is interwoven with silicone fibers. Thus, none of these straps has any fastening or buckle.

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