How to grill: 5 applications to help you make your barbecue perfect

It's run away like water – Christmas and winter are (perhaps) gone forever, and now it's the unbearable heat again, when we'll wish winter come again. Summer without debate includes swimming, trips, and also barbecues. In today's modern age, it would be a sin if you did not use applications for grilling, which can make this activity even more enjoyable. If you want to be 100% sure that your "grill" will work, then take a look at the top five applications that will reveal how to grill properly.

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If you want to become a master at grilling, then GrillTime is the application you will definitely need. When grilling, many people have no idea how many degrees the grill must be heated to grill a certain meat, and possibly how long the meat must be grilled to be perfectly cooked. If you decide to download the GrillTime application, you will get a simple environment in which you can simply set what kind of meat (vegetables, etc.) you are going to put on the grill. The application will immediately show you the required levels together with the required length of grilling. For certain meats, you can also choose how much the meat should be roasted. GrillTime is also available on the Apple Watch, where it can inform you (as well as on the iPhone) about when to turn the meat on the grill. I personally use GrillTime every time I grill and I can recommend it with a clear conscience – this is a "must have" application if you really want to have everything perfect.

You can buy the GrillTime application for 49 crowns using this link

Grill King

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If you've ever tried an app that's designed to make grilling easier, you may have noticed that these apps are usually great, but only if you're grilling for one thing. If you stack several things at once on the grill, you can quickly lose track of what is where, when it was turned, or how long a certain meat has been on the grill. Grill King changes the game in this case. With this application you will get a 100% overview of absolutely everything on your grill. It will definitely not happen that you serve one overcooked and dried steak to one, and another unfinished and bloody piece to the other. In addition, there is a form of "social network" available in the Grill King application, where you can share your score (number of grilled dishes) with other users. Grill Time is one of the best apps you can get in the App Store to make grilling easier.

You can download Grill King for free using this link

FRYY – How to Cook a Steak

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The FRYY application is in a way very similar to the GrillTime application mentioned above. However, it focuses only on steaks. If grilling is stressful for you and you are afraid that your meat will not taste hungry stomachs, then FRYY is right for you. This is a complete guide and a collection of "instructions" for proper steak grilling. You simply select the type of meat in the application, then its thickness, as well as how much it should be cooked and FRYY will show you all the necessary information on how to achieve a perfect result. As for that information, you will have the exact temperature, the time for grilling, and also the time for "resting" the meat when you remove it from the grill. With the FRYY application, you are guaranteed a perfect steak every time you grill.

You can buy the FRYY application for 99 crowns using this link

Timer +

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If you are an experienced grillmaster, you will definitely not need the above-mentioned applications. Unfortunately, none of us have a clock or a stopwatch in our heads. You will certainly agree with me that even more experienced grill managers, who grill five times a week, can use the application for arranging stopwatches or countdowns. None of us definitely wants to forget about a beautiful piece of meat placed on the grill. So Timer + can help you turn the meat on in time and also not burn it. You can argue that there is a Minute in the native Clock application – but it certainly doesn't offer as much as Timer +. For example, you can set several minutes in it and many other functions that can be useful when grilling.

You can download the Timer + application for free using this link

Unit Converter

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Although you may now think that we mistaken the article for Unit Converter, believe me, the opposite is true. Unit Converter is more of a mathematical application, but in the case of grilling, you can use it to convert degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius, or to convert inches to centimeters. In the first case, ie the conversion of degrees, you can use some grills that have a thermometer in degrees Fahrenheit. Converting inches to centimeters can then be useful if you need to convert the thickness of the meat, which is given in inches. In addition, you can then use the Unit Converter in other cases than grilling.

You can download Unit Converter for free using this link

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