How to open a page on your Mac in Safari without active ad blockers

If you are an apple fanatic, you are most likely using the native Safari browser to browse the Internet. This browser is available in macOS, iOS and iPadOS. In it, Apple tries to place the greatest possible emphasis on the security and protection of the user's privacy, which it definitely succeeds in doing. In the latest major Safari update, we've added a special tool that ensures that websites can't contact trackers, allowing you to create a profile of your identity. In addition, you can use the option to disable your ads. However, some pages are set to not allow you to access certain content when an ad blocker is active. Fortunately, there is a way to display the page without blockers, without having to shut down completely.

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How to open a page on Mac on Safari without active ad blockers

If you have an active ad blocker on your macOS device in Safari and you're on a page that refuses to show you content, you have two options – either turn off the blocker or leave the site and forget about it. To quickly deactivate a blocker on a specific page only, proceed as follows:

First, you need to move to Safari on a Mac, of course.
Then find and open the page that doesn't load the content.

Now wait for it to load completely.

Once the page loads, hold the cursor in the right part of the address bar on the arrow icon in the wheel.

After a while, a menu will appear in which you can click Reload without a content blocker.

The page will then load without an active content blocker, so you will be able to view the content.

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Of course, using content and ad blockers is very convenient for users. No ads appear anywhere, so you can watch your content without distractions. Keep in mind, however, that most websites and portals use ads to pay for hosting, or for some form of earnings. For example, it works exactly the same as Letem světem Apple – we offer you free content, for which you pay us just by displaying ads. If you do not display ads on the website, you will not support the authors in any way – so definitely think about it.

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