How to prevent spam: 5 basic tips to reduce the risk of spam in emails to a minimum

Probably every one of us has encountered the annoying spam that annoyingly filled mailboxes in our lives. The intensity of spam e-mails is gradually increasing and although e-mail clients now have a number of tools to eliminate this element, they do not have 100% reliable capture of these annoying e-mails – or they may have, but then there is a risk that in addition to spam hard-coded incoming mail rules). However, there are some basic tips to minimize the risk of spam being delivered to your inbox. What are they like?

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Pavel Jelič September 25, 2020 3

Eliminate publishing the main email address on the Internet

One of the keys to success in eliminating spam in your inbox is to keep an eye on where you publish your email address. It may seem like a complete banality when you post your e-mail somewhere on a blog, social network or other publicly available website, but know that this is not the case. With this act, you will charge potential spammers with their weapons, the discharge of which will then be very difficult for you, if not impossible. For example, for various mostly Asian sellers, it is no problem to "comb" various websites through special shoes, pull out e-mail addresses and then flood them with their offers of complete uselessness, which they can serve you several times a day. So the number one advice is: Try to display your primary e-mail in public as little as possible – ideally at all.

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Thorough study of "check" permits on websites

Over the years of using the Internet and, in fact, electronics as such, many of us have developed a bad habit in the form of thoughtless approval of all pop-ups in an effort to get through these annoying elements and get to the content we want as quickly as possible. While this may not be a big problem when installing different programs, in the case of purchases or registrations to various websites, the opposite is true. Before completing the registration, order or anything similar in this way, you are usually asked to agree to various terms and conditions by ticking, but on the same page there are also requirements for agreeing to send advertising messages, questionnaires and similar unnecessary. The joke is that while contractual conditions or similar types of things are necessary for the completion of a given act, this is not the case with advertising messages and other similar things. Therefore, it's definitely a good idea to always study what I'm actually allowing, and if something smells like a little spam – which is what sending sending messages and things like that does – it's better to get your hands off it. Of course, sending this material is cancellable, but it is an additional concern for you.

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Pavel Jelič 7 hours ago 6

Have a different mail for registration than the main one

If you often register on various websites or e-shops and you want to be sure that spam does not make your life unpleasant, simply solve it by creating a special registration e-mail that you will use for registration. This is completely banal advice, but you will separate the spam from your primary email, which you will use for communication, absolutely perfectly. It's also nice that for these purposes, any e-mail with a fictional name and data is enough – its creation really only takes a few tens of seconds or minutes.

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Use alternative login options instead of registration

A good way to prevent spam is to use alternative options for logging in to e-shops, services or websites. We have in mind in particular options such as Login via Facebook, Login via Google or Login via Apple. While in the first two cases it is not possible to talk about complete security, because with this login we de facto only charge the advertising ammunition of the login system operators, logging in through Apple's solution is excellent from the point of view of security. If you want, it can be completely anonymous, which in other words means that the possibility of spam is absolutely zero. The same can be said for Google and Facebook, but here you will be exposed to indirect spam in the form of personalized ads.

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Jiří Filip 4 hours ago 1

Register only for trusted sites

If you don't like any of the previous tips, we have the last and probably the most general tip for you – just follow common sense and register only for places that are verified or at least do not look completely pofider. Of course, registration for verified sites is not yet a guarantee of zero spam from the web operator, but you will definitely run a lower risk than registering for a no-name Asian site offering iPhones for 250 crowns or free use of paid services. Therefore, before each registration on the Internet, if you do not want to use other than the primary e-mail for it, think carefully and answer the question whether registration is not only suitable here, but also necessary. Many websites pretend that you will not do anything with them without registration, but as a result, it will turn out that registration will offer you only a few extra benefits, without which one can do with the left back.

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