How to quickly improve Wi-Fi connection on Xiaomi

How to quickly improve Wi-Fi connection on Xiaomi

All modern smartphones are equipped with a Wi-Fi module.

We can use this type of connection at home, in the subway, at work, in various cafes and other establishments. Modern technologies allow you to quickly download large files. But what if the Wi-Fi connection isn't good enough? The easiest way is to get closer to the router. If we are talking about a home network, you can change your smartphone and router to devices that support the fastest Wi-Fi 6 protocol to date. However, there is a much simpler way that does not require any financial costs.

If you have a smartphone Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco or Black Shark, working on the basis of the branded shell MIUI 12, then there is one tricky move. The developer has added a kind of "Extreme mode" of Wi-Fi. Here in the description you can read that this mode allows you to "give most of the bandwidth to the active application." It is important to understand that in some scenarios, this mode can be harmful. For example, the background download of a file or the download / update of a heavy game will simply be suspended if this window is not active. If you are connected to a network with a weak signal, this feature can save the situation and allow you to download the necessary data.

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