How to run and view SWF files on a Mac

Some of our readers may occasionally encounter a SWF file. This file is from Adobe and is intended for Adobe Flash files. Most often you can find them on the web or when working with other designs – they can easily display animations, video, graphics, convey interactions and more. However, SWF files cannot run in any native program environment within macOS. You must therefore reach for a program or application from another developer. So, if you are wondering how you can run and view SWF files within macOS, read through this guide to the end.

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  Pavel Jelič Dec 2, 2019 6

How to run and view SWF files on a Mac

An old VLC player can help you run and view SWF files. If you thought that VLC was only available on Windows, then you were terribly wrong – it did its job perfectly within the macOS operating system. You can use VLC Player to view SWF files. You can simply download it for free using this link. After downloading, you only need to go through the classic installation of the program. Then just run VLC and drag the SWF file you want to play into the application window.


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Of course, you can also use VLC to play other files in macOS, not just SWF. Compared to the classic QuickTime you do not have to wait and you can easily play AVI, MP4 or MKV formats. In all cases, simply move the file to the VLC application window to play it. It is known that on Windows VLC handles virtually all formats and in macOS, of course, is no different. Of course, you can play SWF files within browsers – but they must have Flash installed. Since Flash is slowly ending, its installation is not recommended due to possible exploitation in the future.

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