How to set iPhone to always make natural eye contact during FaceTime calls

In one of the beta versions of the iOS 13 operating systems, we experienced a special feature related to the FaceTime service. This special feature made it possible to use artificial intelligence to adjust your eyes to make it look like you were communicating with the other party directly from eye to eye. When making video calls via FaceTime, practically everyone looks at the device's display instead of the camera, where the other side we want to see logically is displayed, and the calls do not simply go face to face. The mentioned function was finally added in iOS 14 and we will show together in this article how you can activate it.

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Pavel Jelič September 25, 2020 0

How to set iPhone to always make natural eye contact during FaceTime calls

If you want to set FaceTime to adjust your eyes automatically on your iPhone or iPad, ie to make direct eye contact, then this is not complicated. Proceed as follows:

First, of course, you need to upgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS 14, then iPadOS 14.

If you meet the above condition, all you have to do is switch to the native Settings application on your apple device.

Then go down a bit and locate the FaceTime box, which you can then click.
In this setting section, then go all the way down and pay attention to the Eye Contact function.

If you want to activate the function described above, activate the switch for the Eye contact function.

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If it is decided to activate the Eye Contact function, eye contact will be automatically established during artificial calls using FaceTime video calls. So you will still be able to look at the screen, but on the other hand, your eyes will look as if you were looking directly into the camera. Of course, this feature does not have to suit everyone, but I definitely recommend that you at least try it. You will not pay anything for the exam and you can of course deactivate it if necessary.

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