How to set iPhone to not speak to a talking party's tile during FaceTime calls

As you know, the Czech Republic has hardly managed the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Compared to other countries, we have a several times larger number of people infected in one day, which is something we certainly could not brag about. However, we, as traditional citizens, can do nothing but respect all measures, maintain hygiene and minimize contact with other people to prevent the transmission of disease. However, man is a social creature and after a while he starts to lack human contact – in this case, video calls in FaceTime can help you. If you are one of the users of this application and it annoys you that the talking participant's tiles are automatically enlarged, then you will find out in this article, so you can deactivate this function.

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How to set iPhone to not speak to a talking party's tile during FaceTime calls

If you want to set on your iPhone or iPad that the talking party's tiles do not automatically enlarge during FaceTime calls, proceed as follows:

First, you need to move to the native Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

As soon as you do, go down a bit.

Then, locate the FaceTime box below in the settings and click.

Within this section, go down a bit again.

All you have to do here is find the Auto Highlight category with Talking.

Finally, you only need to deactivate this function with the switch.

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In the above way, you can easily prevent the tiles of the currently speaking participant from automatically enlarging when speaking. Apple has added this feature to iOS and iPadOS primarily to make it clear who is talking during calls, giving users an easier overview. But the truth is that some individuals do not like this function at all. In conclusion, I will just add that this function is only available from iOS and iPadOS 13.5 – you will not find it on older versions of iOS or iPadOS.

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