How to set notifications on iPhone for the arrival of new games from  Arcade

Apple operates several of its own services, most of which operate on a subscription basis. We can mention, for example, iCloud,  TV +,  Music or  Arcade. The truth is that each of these services will definitely find its subscriber, although  Music is of course the most popular. As for  Arcade, it is a gaming service in which you get access to many different games for a small fee, in which there are no ads or other fees. Some individuals criticize  Arcade, while others are enthusiastic.

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Pavel Jelič July 2, 2021 0

How to set notifications on iPhone for the arrival of new games from  Arcade

As part of pří Arcade, Apple is constantly announcing the arrival of new titles, and for most of them coming soon, you can view a demo in the App Store to learn more about the game. If you like a game, you can also activate a notification, which you will receive when Apple releases the game to the public. Thanks to this, you will be in the picture and immediately you will be able to download a specific game and start playing. The procedure for activating this notification is as follows:

First, you need to move to the native App Store on your iPhone.
Once done, tap the Arcade tab in the menu at the bottom of the screen.
Also, make sure you are on the home screen of this service.
Now go down a bit until you come across a section called Coming Soon.
Here are all the titles that we will see in  Arcade soon. Once you find a title you like, click the Notify Me button next to it.
After a while, it will appear that as soon as the game is available, you will receive a notification.

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Therefore, using the above method, you can set  Arcade to receive a notification when the selected upcoming title is available. In order to be able to play these titles, you must of course have  Arcade prepaid – it costs 139 crowns a month. However, you can set a notification when a new title arrives in  Arcade even if you do not have an active subscription. If you want to deactivate the notification of the arrival of one of the titles, you will not be able to do so. Once you turn an alert on, you won't turn it off.

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