How to set the original display of multiple application windows on Mac

If you have used the macOS operating system in older versions, you will surely remember the original behavior of windows. If you clicked any window from the application, all windows from the application moved to the foreground. However, this behavior of windows has long been changed. So if you click on any window from the application now, only the window you clicked, and not all other windows from the application, will move to the foreground. Many people simply don't like this setting, but unfortunately for us, it can't be changed natively. But there is an application that can do this.

How to set the original display of multiple application windows on Mac



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The simple Front and Center application controls the ability to display foreground windows. You can buy it on the App Store for only 79 crowns. If you find that the amount for such a simple application is high, then believe that you will not regret after buying – unless you are accustomed to the new display of windows in the foreground, where only the selected window is placed. When you start the application, you will see a small window where you are interested mainly in the pop-up window called Behavior. Here you can choose either Classic or Modern. Classic will make all windows from the application move to the foreground. Modern then makes the system behave in a classic way and only the window you clicked moves to the front.

The great thing is that you can use both of these modes together with Front and Center. Simply click the Shift key to activate the opposite behavior. So if you have the Classic behavior set and click on the window with the Shift key, this window will behave as if the Modern behavior was set. In addition, you can set whether the application icon is displayed in the Dock or the top bar in the application window, or whether the Front and Center should start automatically when you log in.

You can buy the Front and Center app for 79 crowns here

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