How to set up Mail in Mac not to compress pictures you send

If you're using the native Mail app on your Mac as your primary email client, you may have encountered problems sending pictures. If you attached a photo or picture as an attachment and Mail judged it to be too large, it automatically scaled it down. However, this is not the behavior most users might like. In addition to reduction, for example, PNG images lose transparency and other compression problems. How do I set up Mail not to compress pictures and photos?

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  Pavel Jelič February 9, 2020 1

How to set up Mail in Mac not to compress the photos you send

Follow these steps to prevent your photos from being compressed in the Mail app on your Mac. Classically move to Mail and use the button in the upper left to create a new message. Fill out all the details, then use the button in the upper right corner to attach attachments in the form of photos or images. Once you attach a photo or picture to an email, all you have to do is click it. Then click on the Picture size menu in the top right of the new message window. Once you have done this, select Actual Size from the menu. Selecting this option will send the image as it really is. It does not reduce or compress, which can result in, for example, removing transparency in PNG images and other problems.


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One of the main problems with Mail is that, unfortunately, images are not uploaded as classic attachments, but as part of the email body. For example, while Gmail or the Spark email client sends images as attachments, Apple's Mail uploads those images and photos directly to the text. In the end, such a mail with a lot of pictures can become very confusing and the other party must then download the pictures one by one, which is definitely very annoying.

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