How to speed up Face ID: 5 tips you may not have known about

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How to speed up Face ID could be of interest to all individuals who have this biometric protection available on their iPhone. Face ID first appeared on the iPhone X four long years ago. This annual and revolutionary model, which in many ways set the trend for smartphones, was introduced alongside the iPhone 8. Face ID technology is available on all iPhones X and newer, as well as iPads Pro. The truth is that with the advent of new models, there has always been some improvement in Face ID – in most cases it was mainly about acceleration. So if you put the iPhone X and the new iPhone 12 next to each other, the Face ID on the "twelve" will work faster than on the "ten". The good news is that there are tricks that can speed up Face ID. In this article, we'll look at 5 tips for speeding up Face ID that you may not have known about.

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5 tips and tricks for Face ID that each of you should know


Pavel Jelič

July 22, 2021



Disable requiring attention

Replacement of protective glass

An alternative look

Unlock before recognition

Acceleration over time

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