How to start running: The best apps to help you with your running workout

Winter is definitely gone and people can finally leave the gyms… in the current situation, ie from home conditions, finally move to the outdoor environment and start running there. Most people want to keep various statistics about their running and possibly share them with other users. To do this, of course, you need an application that can accurately record, mediate, and possibly also share data. In this article, we will look together at the 5 best applications you can use for running.

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Nike Training Club

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The Nike Training Club app is one of the most popular apps available for running recording. Nike Training Club offers coaching for even better results, along with accurate GPS recording. Of course, the run also includes motivational music, which you can also play through the Nike Training Club. There are also various weekly and monthly challenges that will keep you moving forward to improve. You can also motivate each other with friends. In addition, if you own smart shoes from Nike, you can add them to the application. Nike Training Club is simply a sure bet, whether you are an advanced runner or an "trotter" amateur.

You can download Nike Training Club for free using this link


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Another popular application for recording a run is Runkeeper. This application can accurately use GPS to track your every run. Simply launch the application, click the Start button and Runkeeper will take care of everything else for you. In addition, as you run, it gradually informs you about the goals you have achieved. Of course, there is a complete overview of all your runs, including various statistics, average data, etc. With Runkeeper, you can also keep improving with a special plan tailored to you. You can also go for a run with friends, or you can motivate each other with them. So you will definitely not step aside with Runkeeper.

You can download Runkeeper for free using this link

adidas Running app Runtastic

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Are you a Nike opponent? If so, here is the app from adidas for you. Of course, the previous sentence was a joke, and the adidas Running app Runtastic can of course be used without any problems by people who have clothes from a competing Nike brand. However, the truth is that the Nike Training Club app and the adidas Running app Runtastic are very similar. In this case, there is a special plan available, thanks to which you can constantly improve, you will be motivated not only by your friends but also by various challenges, achievements and goals, which you can set yourself. You can then share all your achievements with your friends directly from the app. Even with the adidas application, you can use smart running tracking with smart shoes.

You can download the adidas Running app Runtastic for free using this link

Sports Tracker

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Sports Tracker is a free and reliable application that can use GPS to track running, walking, hiking and other similar types of exercise. In addition to running, Sports Tracker also helps with cycling and fitness. It should therefore be noted that Sports Tracker is not a purely running application. There are more than 90 types of different exercises, then you can easily plan the run on the map. If you do not want to plan anything, you can use the already finished cross-country trails. Of course, there is also the opportunity to analyze, monitor and share your success with your friends. You can also motivate each other and compare your results with your friends in Sports Tracker.

You can download Sports Tracker for free using this link


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The Diet application is designed to track running or cycling, other than using GPS on your phone. Whether you are going to train for a marathon, or just run or ride just occasionally, Diet is right for you. This application can turn your iPhone into a perfect activity tracker, in which you can view all the information about your running or cycling. There are complete statistics, which you can of course compare and share with friends. Your own goals and the challenges that appear in the app can move you forward. If you want to keep fit or even improve it, the Diet application could help you with that.

You can download the Strava application for free using this link

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