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How to update iPhone with low storage space - GEARCOUPON

How to update iPhone with low storage space

Apple currently offers 128GB of storage on its phones, with up to 1 TB of choice for Pro models. Currently, the capacity of 128 GB for phones can be considered minimal due to the ever-increasing size of data, so in the future you will definitely do better by purchasing at least 256 GB variant. But the truth is that until recently, Apple offered basically only 32 GB or 16 GB, which is more than insufficient nowadays. Even so, there are still many users who still use the iPhone with such little storage.

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How to update iPhone with low storage space

Of course, we use the storage in the iPhone to store data in the form of photos and videos, and it is also used by applications and others. Last but not least, the repository is also used by iOS updates, which must be downloaded for installation before they are installed. Due to the fact that the latest iOS updates can be several gigabytes, it is practically impossible to download and install them on older phones due to lack of storage space. But the good news is that Apple has thought of these users as well, and in fact there is a simple way to upgrade the iPhone even when there is not enough storage space, using a Mac. Just follow these steps:

First, you need to connect your iPhone to your Mac via a Lightning cable. Once you have done so, unlock iPhone and, if necessary, click Trust in the dialog. Then go to the native Finder on your Mac. Find your iPhone here in the left panel of the location list and click on it. Then wait for the Finder interface with your apple phone to load. Then click the Check for Updates button or directly to Update. Next, in the dialog, select whether you want to back up your iPhone before installation. Finally, just click Update and wait for the download and installation.

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Therefore, you can use the above procedure to download and install the iOS update on an iPhone that does not have enough storage space. If you use the above procedure, the update package will be downloaded to the Mac repository for the first time, which will then be installed. The overall progress can be seen at the bottom of the screen. Of course, you don’t have to disconnect your iPhone from your Mac while downloading and installing the update. You can also update iPhone on a Windows computer in virtually the same way, only you need to use iTunes.

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