How to worry about smartphone in frost

December is here and with it the first sharper morning and evening frosts, which are unpleasant for us and for our iPhones. Apple itself says on its iPhone battery site that they are able to work reliably to 0 degrees Celsius – if the ambient temperature falls below this is an inappropriate operating temperature range and you should stop using the device – but let's face who of us he observes this. Let's take a look at five tips on how to take care of the iPhone in frost.

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Everything revolves around the battery

Mostly it's not so much the iPhone hardware itself that would suffer, but just the battery. Apple says on its site that the best temperature range for working with the iPhone is between 0 – 35 degrees Celsius. If the battery of the device moves outside this interval, you may encounter problems. For maximum battery protection, you should turn off iPhone completely, if you don't want to turn it off, move down a paragraph below for another tip.

Pocket or backpack as a friend

Just as you are more dressed in winter, you should also “dress” your iPhone. If possible, add an extra insulation layer – for example in the form of a thicker cover. For even more security, you can put the iPhone in the inside pocket of the jacket, where it will be relatively warm from your body. Of course, it is also possible to place it in a classic thigh pocket or inside a backpack. The more layers of iPhone clothing you give, the longer you keep it at operating temperature.


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The car is also cold!

iPhone should not be left in the car both in hot summer temperatures and, of course, also in winter. It is similar to a pet – you would not simply leave in the car in severe heat or frost. Many people do not realize this, but the temperature in the car can also get to and below the freezing point within a few hours of standing outside. If you accidentally leave iPhone in the car, it is quite likely that it will not respond – but do not try to turn it on immediately and do not connect it to the charger immediately. Wait until iPhone acclimatizes at home before trying to turn it on or charge it.

Condensation doesn't understand electronics

In certain cases, a rapid transfer of iPhone from minus temperatures to plus temperatures can cause a short circuit – in this case, the condensation of water vapor is to blame. To avoid a short circuit, you should stop using your iPhone outside at least 20 minutes before your planned return home. Wait a few more minutes at home until complete acclimatization occurs. A useful trick in this case is to put the iPhone in a microtene bag and seal it – water will precipitate on the wall of the bag and not inside your iPhone.

Usually it is nothing

If your iPhone accidentally fails in winter, there is usually nothing to worry about. It only shuts down to protect itself from possible destruction of a component. Simply put the iPhone in your bag or pocket and let it acclimate for a while when you get home. Then plug it into the charger and within a few minutes iPhone should recover from deep sleep.

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