Huawei confirms: "Our most expensive product ever is coming"

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The new Huawei Vision X65 will have the highest cost ever for the company

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To say it is Zhihao Jerry, president of the IoT division, a branch in charge of developing the products that make up an increasingly rich ecosystem. The times when the company was known by the public only for its smartphones are long gone. The post on Weibo reads as follows:

"Frankly speaking, this will be Huawei's most expensive product, but it will also become a central element after smartphones."

In short, it seems that the new Vision X65 will not only be a technological display, but a pivotal element of the hardware universe. Such a statement makes it clear, however, that buying it will require a significant outlay, with an OLED screen that is not exactly cheap. If you consider that the 75 ″ LCD version costs 12,999 yuan (about € 1670), while Mate XS costs 16,999 yuan (about € 2210), it is possible that Vision X65 touches 20,000 yuan, towards € 2,500.

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