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Huawei: the 2.1 million smartwatches shipped in Q1 2020 offer overtaking on Samsung

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Going to read the report of the Canalys sector experts, we can see how 14.3 million smartwatches were shipped in Q1 2020. Of these, the usual Apple dominates the market, with 5.2 million Apple Watches shipped. But shortly after, albeit with a certain detachment, we find Huawei, which managed to rise to second place in the standings, surpassing the South Korean giant Samsung.

The reason is obviously in the numbers, which indicate that the 2.1 million smartwatches shipped by Huawei represent 14.9% of the market share, going to exceed 1.8 million Samsung devices (12.4%). This translates into a convincing growth of 113% compared to the same period in 2019. A not inconsiderable figure.

This cannot be good for Huawei, which manages to convince its users more and more every year and which always finds new customers thanks to the always excellent quality / price ratio of its devices (such as the Watch GT 2e) which are practically at the within everyone's reach.

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