Huawei FreeGO, the new Bluetooth speaker, is available for sale

Huawei FreeGOUpdate 14/09: This product is available for sale. Find out all the details at the bottom of the article.

Huawei FreeGO debuts today: the portable mini Bluetooth speaker

Huawei FreeGO

The main feature of Huawei FreeGO is certainly the support for One-Touch transmission: through the action of NFC and Bluetooth, the device automatically connects to the smartphone with a simple "contact" between the two products. The new portable Bluetooth mini speaker offers 360 ° sound diffusion, up to 3 meters range and a configuration with dual speakers.

Huawei FreeGO

Inside the body there is a low frequency diaphragm, made of aluminum alloy, a solution that makes the rest of the bass even more powerful and rich in detail. Anti-noise microphones and functions for echo cancellation are present; there is also support for Huawei Share through the Touch and Talk feature (to share the phone's audio directly on the portable bluetooth speaker).

Huawei FreeGO

It ends with autonomy: this aspect has not been thoroughly investigated, but the company ensures up to two hours of audio playback with only 15 minutes of charging. As for the sale price of Huawei FreeGO, the Chinese company has not yet revealed how much it will be sold. Marketing will start in mid-July (at home), but even in this case there is no precise date.

Update 14/09

Huawei FreeGo is finally available on the market, at a price of 899 yuan, therefore around 110 euros at the current exchange rate. With its typical disc shape, this product is available at launch, on Vmall, in two different colors: Obsidian Black and Silver.

At the moment, then, we still have no news on its arrival even in the international arena, so we await further news on this.

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