Huawei P50 render leak shows non-Pro model in detail

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(Pocket Ribbon) – Leaked renderings have been published detailing what the Huawei P50 could look like, and it's safe to say it will be different from anything else in the smartphone market.

The 3D renders are based on leaked schematics recently published and show a smaller flat-screen member of the P50 family that will be in the range below the P50 Pro.

Like the leaked images we saw of the Pro, it has a large rear camera housing made up of two large circles. However, unlike the Pro, each has two cameras, which makes them look a bit like a baffled emoji.

Waqar Khan

First published by Waqar Khan on YouTube, the renderings show the device in multiple colors from all sides, allowing us to get a good look at the phone from all angles.

There are a number of important differences when comparing the regular P50 leak to the P50 Pro. First, there is a flat screen instead of a curved front. Second, there is a quad camera system instead of a five camera system on the back.

If the renderings are correct, it seems that the regular P50 doesn't have the periscope zoom lens that we expect in the Pro, but it is expected to have a telephoto zoom lens in addition to the primary and ultra-wide cameras.

Huawei has not yet announced an official launch date for its P50 series, but it is predicted that we will see the new phones in the coming months. In previous years, the P Series was unveiled in the spring, so it would be unusual if we had to wait later than May / June.

Written by Cam Bunton.

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