Huawei x Gentle Monster smart glasses go on sale



September 15, 2019






In the Chinese market, Huawei presented smartphones Huawei x Gentle Monster for the second time. The premiere of the model took place in the spring, but market entry was delayed. Although initially the start of sales was scheduled for September 6.


Huawei x Gentle Monster gives the opportunity to conduct a conversation through a connected smartphone, without using a headset. The gadget is replaced by headphones and have integrated stereo speakers. Glasses were left without a camera and buttons. To answer an incoming call, simply click on the bow.


Huawei x Gentle Monster has an antenna, a charging module, a processor, a battery and a pair of microphones. Tapping the bow allows you to activate the virtual assistant. The case of the model has protection according to the IP67 standard. The glasses can be recharged via the USB Type-C port, as well as through wireless charging, which was supported by Chinese engineers. The battery life is 20 hours, and you can listen to music for 150 minutes. The cost of Huawei x Gentle Monster is $ 280.



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