Huawei's new folding patent introduces Stylus, vertical display …

huawei mate patent folding device

Huawei redesigns its foldable in the new patent filed with the CNIPA

huawei mate patent folding device

The new folding smartphone from Huawei, according to what can be seen from the detailed patent filed with the CNIPA, could subvert the concept of foldable carried out so far by the company to approach – instead – a form factor, closer to Samsung devices. It is therefore an inward folding device that, if it were to confirm the patents filed, could bring with it a significant innovation, or perhaps more than one.

We refer mainly to the presence of a stylus that could contribute to significantly increase the use of the device in the workplace. The pen will then be accompanied – following the renderings – by a “Sub Display“, a vertical accessory screen that could be contextualized depending on the app used, in a certain sense imitating the use of the TouchBar implemented on Apple's Macbooks.

Clearly, it is possible all the information contained in the patent will never see practical feedback: as often happens, in fact, most of the patents hypothesized by companies stop at the embryonic stage, not passing to the next step of production. However, the idea, presented by Huawei, of a new extremely fascinating foldable device remains, able to open up to new and multiple uses previously precluded, which, if it were to "see the light" would make millions of fans happy.

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