Improve Xiaomi sound with these settings

This new generation of Xiaomi smartphones came with multiple improvements, but perhaps the most bulky improvement is the addition of dual speakers in the body of these mid-range and high-end. So to get the full potential that these speakers Xiaomi has wanted to improve the functions and the sound that we reproduce.

One of the best features that the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro has is the great sound quality that its speakers expel, and in fact, according to DxOMark, the Mi 10 Pro is the king of sound, crowning itself as the smartphone with the best sound on the market.

How to improve the sound of your Poco X3, Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, Mi 10T, Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T Lite smartphone with this simple setting

For the newest, or those who have just bought one of these terminals, it may be that they have not found in MIUI 12 how to improve the sound with a few simple adjustments in their new and brand-new Xiaomi, so at Xiaomi4mi we have thought that these adjustments had to be highlight them and therefore we show you in simple steps how to improve or accommodate the sound to our liking.

Xiaomi has added adjustments to these terminals to bring out the sound that these speakers eject and we can choose the sound that we like the most. To do this, follow the instructions that we show, but first put music on and assess which of these settings you like the most how it sounds.

Once we are playing music, we go to settings and apply the following settings:

Xiaomi improve sound

Open the Settings app> go to Sound and vibration> scroll down to sound effects> Preset is shown in the first option> press and you will see that the options> Smart, Music, Video or Voice are shown. Choose the one that you consider to be the best listener to your liking.

My recommendation is that you listen to several music tracks and choose the one you like the most. In my case, in the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, I opted for Voice and I like how the sound sounds better, whether in music or in audios.

In the future, more Xiaomi smartphones will add this function so save this article if you found it interesting.

If you use wired headphones in any of these models or others from Xiaomi, you will find more information on how to improve the sound by following a few simple steps that we explain in this article.

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