In addition to Huawei, the USA wants to keep another manufacturer from China away from Europe

The USA is known to spy on itself, but is reluctant to see others supposedly doing the same: For months now, the United States has been keeping Huawei not only out of the United States itself, but also out of Europe as far as possible – especially what concerns the structure of the 5G infrastructure. Now, for a change, you are targeting a new company from China: Nuctech.

Don't tell you anything? No wonder, the company primarily offers systems for airport security – e.g. B. Luggage scanner. Now the United States, including through its National Security Council, claims Nuctech is spying for the Chinese government. Accordingly, countries in Europe are asked to take Greece and Italy, among other things, Germany, to no longer purchase techniques from Nuctech.

Again, evidence is not provided for the allegations. The criticism is that Nuctech could offer disproportionately low prices for its scanners and Co. because the company is subsidized by the Chinese government. To do this, Nuctech then passes on sensitive information about passengers and cargo lists to China. Nuctech has no longer been able to offer products in the United States since 2014. Even then, Nuctech dismissed all allegations.

In 2010, Nuctech actually got gay in the EU, but not because of alleged espionage, but because of dumping prices, which got the competition authorities involved. The US authorities assume that Nuctech has a dominant position on the market, which would be difficult to prove. Basically, the case is similar to that of Huawei – what is actually true is difficult to understand.

The Wall Street Journal

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