Instagram is down [Opraveno]

It's only been a few minutes since we informed you in our magazine about the failure of Messenger and Facebook, and we already have another problem here. This time it revolves around Instagram, which was affected by the same problems as the above-mentioned couple. So you can meet with this social network, for example, a malfunctioning feed, problems with sending and receiving Direct Messages and so on. According to the map available on the Downdetector portal, the problem again concerns primarily Europe, with a truly massive number of users appearing to be affected. How quickly Facebook can be solved is a question at the moment – the problems of Messenger or the Facebook application on the web and mobile phones have not been completely solved yet.

[Update]: Facebook seems to have already managed to solve the problem and thus put its services back into operation.

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Jiří Filip 10. 12. 2020 0

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