Instagram is preparing a haptic response to its application, despite user criticism

While in the past, the haptic response has been used to a fairly reasonable extent and most hardware-like buttons were handled, nowadays the approach of individual companies has changed considerably, and most of them rely on virtual buttons and vibration. Unfortunately, the intensity of use of this technology has gradually increased and the situation has reached the limit, where even the users themselves complain about the haptic response. However, Instagram still doesn't give up and wants to introduce automatic vibrations even if you rate someone's post.





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If you own an apple or any other smart device, you have surely encountered this problem. Initially, replacing hardware buttons seems like a great idea and the haptic response works as a fairly positive alternative, but after some time you will start to bother you and there is some overload where overuse of this technology is more of a negative. Indeed, the users themselves complain about the vibration, which is an unnecessary burden. In addition, this feature drains the battery faster, and although iOS offers the ability to turn off haptic responses, it happens to all apps at once. So if you are bothered by vibration only in a few specific cases, you are out of luck and you must either turn off the feature completely or leave it enabled.

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  Jiří Filip 20 hrs 19 min ago

Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong said that Facebook is also testing this feature for Instagram. When evaluating a foreign contribution, the phone would vibrate briefly, providing a haptic response in addition to the visual indication. After all, Apple has also shed light on the abuse of this technology, which has released a report to developers stating that a haptic response should be implemented reasonably and with some value and meaning. According to the apple company, more and more creators are trying to please users, but in fact they only discourage them from using the app. It is definitely a good advice that the developers will take into consideration with a little luck and will not overdo it with a haptic response. We'll see if companies are inspired and use vibration only when the action requires it, not every time you touch the screen.

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