Intel's purchase of Apple is officially completed

Apple has recently begun to dabble in almost everything in terms of technology. The days when Apple devoted only to its devices are long gone and besides its Apple Arcade gaming platform and Apple TV + streaming service, the giant ventures into another potentially lucrative industry. This is the modem segment that Intel has reigned until recently. It was from him that the apple company decided to buy the $ 1 billion division, making it less dependent on other suppliers.


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The acquisition of Intel's Modem division was announced in July, but the business of this magnitude is still taking some time, and so the transaction, along with all the formalities, has been completed almost now. After all, the purchase concerned all equipment, intellectual property and, above all, 2200 Intel's original employees. They will officially join Apple and will probably work on both the projects in progress and new technologies. Of course, the patent also mentioned patents that fell on Apple and mainly related to wireless connection. Moreover, the apple company owns more than 17,000 patents of this kind, including the principle of modems and new ways to transmit information wirelessly. While Apple in this case focuses exclusively on smartphones, even Intel will not come. In addition to a billion dollars, he can continue to work to a limited extent on his modems, especially for computers and the Internet of Things.

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The purchase of Intel's modem division is the second largest purchase in Apple's history


  Amaya Tomanová Jul 31, 2019 0

Despite the relatively large amount Apple spent on the modem division, but Intel wept over the loss. According to the company's official statement, the giant sold the division below cost by several billion dollars. His eternal rival Qualcomm is ahead in many ways and basically has a monopoly on patents of all kinds, which has literally pushed Intel out of the market and forced him to retire. As a result, the company will focus on the production of modems only to a limited extent and will focus on the segment of autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things and personal computers. We will see what both giants will expect in the future. It is certain that it will be Qualcomm who will take care of the production of 5G chips for the next generation of the iPhone. From 2022 to 2023, however, Apple could allegedly produce chips itself, which certainly contributed to the acquisition.

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