Interesting visual novel If Found… will target iOS next month

Last year, an interesting combination of forces took place, as the Dreamfeel developers shook hands with the creators of Annapurna Interactive and decided to come up with an unprecedented and original title that wipes players off and enriches the genre with some new elements. Shortly thereafter, they announced the visual novel If Found…, which captivated with its graphics and the unearthly story that went beyond all standards. The only thing missing was the release date. Fortunately, the studio did not delay too much and announced that the game will see the light of day on May 19.

It has been a few months since Dreamfeel, in cooperation with Annapurna Interactive, announced the development of a new event with the tempting title If Found… Since then, however, there was silence on the footpath and fans were slowly beginning to think that this remarkable visual novel was postponed indefinitely. Fortunately, this did not happen and the developers came up with a release date of May 19. In a month and a half, we will set out for a surreal world full of weird experiences. We will take on the role of Kasio, a young girl who decides to destroy her diary and all her bad memories with New Year. In the end, however, it will turn out to be far from easy and we will have to face other challenges. The story builds then plays primarily on the emotional string, so be prepared that one eye remains dry.


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But it certainly looks like we have something to look forward to. After all, Annapurna Interactive has proven countless times in the past that mobile games simply do the game and the experience is often comparable to that of a computer or console. The only question, however, remains the price, which has not yet spoken. But one can expect it to be in the order of several dollars and who knows, maybe developers will have mercy and release the title for free. However, we do not know this until May 19, when this visual novel is based on Steam and iOS. Will you go to the surrealistic experience that you will not forget?

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