iOS 13.2.3 worsens the durability of some iPhones

Apple has been "shooting" one update of its iOS operating system after another in recent weeks. These minor updates usually do not bring any news and are only packages that fix some system errors. Quite often, however, we are seeing that even these smaller patches will in some way move with the performance of the phone. Is this the case with the latest iOS 13.2.3?


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As usual, the test took the iAppleBytes channel. The test compares iPhones SE, 6s, 7, 8 and XR with iOS 13.2.3. In the Geekbench battery test, the iPhone SE came first. Followed by iPhone 8 and a minute later iPhone 7. On the silver medal in this test reached the iPhone 6s, the clear winner was the iPhone XR, which surpassed the iPhone 6s by almost 3 hours. But we are especially interested if something has changed since version 13.2.2, the results are quite striking. For the iPhone 6s, 7 and 8, the results are almost identical and there was no major change here. The latest operating system, however, does not suit the iPhone XR and especially SE. With the latest iPhone from the selection, battery life in the test dropped by 22 minutes, while the iPhone SE even 49 minutes, which is really strange and most noticeable.

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This is likely to be the iPhone 12


  Jiří Filip 13 hours 12 minutes ago

Soon the CPU test followed again in the Geekbench application. Tests differ from the previous version by a few points and jump values, as with the battery test, we can not find here. The biggest difference is the iPhone 8, which reached iOS 13.2.3 120 points up, an increase of about 3.5%. But you can take a picture of yourself on the test, the video is under the article. If you have an iPhone SE or XR, are there any noticeable fluctuations in battery life after upgrading to iOS 13.2.3?

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