iOS 13.4.5 brings a novelty that will especially please lovers of Instagram and Facebook

The new version of the Apple Apple system with the serial number 14 is approaching at a rocket pace. However, Apple is still relentless with improvements and fixes to the existing iOS 13. iOS 13.4.5 is no exception, which will bring interesting improvements for Facebook and Instagram, with which they connect even better. Users are officially given the opportunity to share music from Apple Music in their stories, including details about the song.



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If you’re actively using both of these social networks, you’ve certainly lacked the ability to share your music. Of course you can boast of the currently playing Spotify songs, but for Apple Music this offer was somewhat missing. Fortunately, Apple is trying to change it to the latest update to its system, namely iOS 13.4.5, which is currently in beta. For the most part, it brings only minor bug fixes, but it wouldn't be an apple company not to forgive any new function. It gets to our devices in the form of the ability to share music from Apple Music in stories on Instagram and Facebook, where the title of the song and album is displayed and even the animated background is automatically selected.

Just double-click a song in the app, select Share, and then choose which social network you want the song to appear on. However, it is not only a decorative and aesthetic function, it is quite a practical option, allowing other users to easily play your songs. Clicking on the song title will open Apple Music and start playing automatically. But it's definitely a welcome step that fans have been calling for for some time and will greatly facilitate the entire sharing process. So we have to wait until this feature is officially launched. Testing is still in progress and it is only a matter of time before we get this option together with iOS 13.4.5. Do you use music sharing or do you prefer sending direct links?

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