iOS 14.0.1 improves battery life on some iPhones, but makes it worse on others

Apple unexpectedly last week released a minor update in the form of iOS 14.0.1, which fixed only a few bugs. In the past, however, we could see that even such an inconspicuous update was able to affect the system speed and battery life. As you could see earlier in our magazine, the aspect of speed remained almost unchanged. Now, however, let's look at the battery test, for iPhones SE 1st generation, 6s, 7, 8, XR, 11 and SE 2nd generation. The test in Geekbench 4 was performed as usual by the iAppleBytes youtub channel and is attached below this paragraph.

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If we look at the results, not much has happened here either, and if there has been a change, it has been for the better. But let's take a closer look at the results. The iPhone SE 1st generation saw a slight improvement, as it improved by 10 points since iOS 14.0 with a gain of 1760 points. On the contrary, the iPhone 6s lost a total of 10 points, gaining 1790 points. The iPhone 7 received a decent improvement, reaching 2,263 points compared to 2,184 points. If you look at the graph, the results of the device up to iOS 13.3.1 are recorded here. This model has the highest rating of all the tests recorded in this graph. The same is true for the iPhone 8, which, although it lasted less than the iPhone 7 in the test, scored 2,086 points. Since iOS 14.0, it has improved by exactly 80. Owners of the iPhone XR can probably expect almost no change, as the device lost only 4 points from the previous version of iOS. So now it has 3379. A really slight improvement has been received by the iPhone 11, which received 3266 points compared to 3240 points. However, this device has been a mystery for a long time, as the iPhone gained 11,4057 points on iOS 13.4.1. iPhone SE 2nd generation gained 2216 points compared to 2226 points on the previous system. How satisfied are you with the battery life of the iOS 14?

iOS battery graph 14.0.1 Source: iAppleBytes

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