iOS 14 shows when apps read the clipboard

Apple will bring several new security measures and privacy options for users with iOS 14. The beta version for developers and the curious is already available. In beta then many of the not yet final innovations. For example, the hint when an app gets access to the clipboard. iOS then indicates when, for example, a social media app wants to access.

iOS 14 beta has a banner to confirm when you paste from another device (eg copy on a Mac and paste on iPhone)

Seems to be bugging out and showing with every keystroke in TikTok

– Jeremy Burge (@jeremyburge) June 24, 2020

TikTok currently serves as a bad example, there are currently videos showing that TikTok accesses the clipboard almost every few keystrokes for a user. In the specific case, you have to keep in mind that it is a beta and it can also be a mistake, which is shown in the video.

TikTok informed the British Telegraph that the app does not collect data from the clipboard. Instead, the application has a custom system for detecting repetitive spam behavior. The company claims that this function triggers the new iOS 14 privacy banner. For this reason, TikTok will no longer automatically access the user's clipboards when the app is updated in the future.

Still, you can always talk to the Walled Garden, but the fact is that Apple continues to release features to better "show" or even restrict developers who abuse users' privacy.

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