iOS 14 suffers from another annoying bug, this time related to email aliases

Email aliases are a great tool that (not only) offers users of Apple products their iCloud account. In addition to their original iCloud account, everyone can create three more email addresses that they can use in cases where it is not appropriate to use the original account. Now, however, it turns out that the new iOS 14 does not always handle aliases and their functionality does not work very well.

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Amaya Tomanov√° September 23, 2020 7

The problem concerns the default e-mail application, which cannot use the selected aliases when sending e-mail communication to some users. The problem does not appear across the board, but some users cannot choose one of the aliases used when setting up the sender in the email header. For other users, this change is possible, but the e-mail as such does not reflect it and does not use the alias for sending, which can be quite annoying or at least unhappy in some cases.

According to information from foreign forums, it seems that the problem does not only concern Apple aliases, but also those available on other email accounts and domains such as Gmail / Google, where in some cases the sender's address is selected completely randomly from all linked aliases.

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According to many reactions, this problem cannot be completely solved and the affected users must wait for Apple to correct the error. The positive news, however, is that the fix should take place in the next iOS / iPadOS update. There is information on the web that Apple has inserted a hotfix for this problem into the currently tested beta of iOS 14.2. Apple is generally expected to release iOS 14.2 along with the new iPhones, which are expected to be released later in October.

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