iOS 15 rewrites history. It will run on most iPhone models so far

Although Apple presented quite a bit of this on the iOS 15 in connection with this year's introductory Keynote on Monday, perhaps the most interesting thing about the new system was incomprehensibly concealed. This is specifically about compatibility, which literally overwrites Apple's current history of software support.

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It is no secret that iPhones boast long-term software support from the very beginning. However, while so far we have usually been in the range of five to six years, iOS 15 will set new rules in this direction. For some devices, this will be the seventh iOS available on them. We are specifically talking about iPhones 6s from 2015 and SE from 2016. Both of these model lines ran iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14 and now iOS 15 is heading for them. therefore, they certainly cannot complain about short stamina.

Long support as a new standard?

The truth is that the support of iPhones SE 1st generation and 6s surprised many apples, as it was hardly planned even last year. However, the chips that beat in the phones, combined with the still solidly large 2GB of RAM, seem to be so powerful that Apple can simply afford another year of current iOS. However, it can be assumed that this time it will be the last time. The eighth version of iOS, which could potentially reach them next year, would be really extreme, which could also be detrimental to Apple's sales.

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