IPad apps that will perfectly understand with your Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil is a popular addition to the general public and professionals, and can turn the iPad into a very powerful and professional device. With Apple Pencil, you can not only write and turn your iPad into a digital notebook, but also draw, create more complex graphics, edit photos, and more. In today's article, we will introduce applications that will really make the most of your Apple Pencil.

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With the powerful note taking app, you no longer have to browse the App Store or pay excessive amounts of money. Apple is constantly improving its native Notes, and in iOS 13 this app has become a really useful tool in which you can work with Apple Pencil. With it, you can not only control Notes, but also draw, sketch, or write in Notes. You can get a full toolbar for Apple Pencil in native Notes by clicking the pencil icon.

Download the Notes app for free here.



Notability iPadOS 1 Notability iPadOS 1 Source: Gingerlabs.com

Notability iPadOS iOS macOS Notability iPadOS iOS macOS Source: Gingerlabs.com
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Notability is a multipurpose application for taking notes of all kinds. It is primarily intended for students, but it will surely benefit everyone. When you start Notability, you have a choice between typing into the keyboard and using Apple Pencil. You can easily switch between the two options while using the application. The Notability application also offers the possibility of making audio recordings, which is useful for lectures or conferences. Another advantage is the possibility of setting virtual “continuous” paper, so there is no need to flip through the pages.

Download the Notability app for 229 crowns here.


Paper from WeTransfer is one of the first drawing applications for iPad. For many users, it is still one of the best free variants. It offers endless possibilities for creating, writing, drawing, doodling and more. You can choose from several writing tools ranging from a pencil to a marker, as well as multiple types of paper. If you decide to invest in the Pro version, you'll get tools that turn your doodles into perfect lines and shapes.

Download the Paper application for free here.

Linea Sketch


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Linea Sketch, with its features and focus, is somewhere between the aforementioned Paper application and the popular professional tool Procreate. It combines the simplicity of drawing and doodling whenever you like with powerful tools. For example, Linea Sketch offers unlimited layers, a grid, rulers, and much more. Unlike Notability, it does not offer infinite, but you can work on multiple canvases and merge them into individual projects. It may take you a little longer than usual to navigate the app, but once you get to know it properly, you can work with it.

Download Linea Sketch for 129 crowns here.

GoodNotes 5

GoodNotes 5 is an upgraded version of the original iPad note taking application. The purpose of the original software was to mimic a classic paper pad and transfer it to the iPad. GoodNotes 5 is, in a way, a very simple application whose features are partially limited, but will work great for basic use and instant write. The application allows you to create and manage folders for your scraps and has handwriting recognition.

You can download GoodNotes 5 for 199 CZK here.

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Pixelmator iPadOS 1 Pixelmator iPadOS 1

Pixelmator iPadOS 2 Pixelmator iPadOS 2

Pixelmator iPadOS 3 Pixelmator iPadOS 3
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Pixelmator is generally regarded by users as an intuitive and simple application for editing photos and image files. You can use it to edit photos, but it does much more. Its features can resemble Snapseed or even Photoshop, and you can work not only with finished photos and pictures, but also with a blank canvas. You will have a wide variety of tools for editing, enhancing and annotating.

Download Pixelmator for 129 crowns here.


With Procreate, Apple Pencil is really fun – just enough imagination and skill. Procreate is ideal for digital artwork and painting, but is not very suitable for graphic design or vector work. Procreate offers a rich selection of canvases, a variety of brushes, pens and other tools for creating and editing, and with this application you can create real works of art in combination with Apple Pencil.

Download Procreate application for 229 crowns here.

Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw is a great addition to all graphics that use Illustrator as their primary tool. Adobe Illustrator Draw allows you to work with vectors, offering a wide variety of brushes and other tools, including comic book bubbles. Send your work results with a single click to Adobe Illustrator CC or Photoshop CC for further processing, and view your creation process in an automatically generated time-lapse video.

Download Adobe Illustrator Draw for free here.

Affinity Designer


Affinity Design 1 Affinity Design 1 Source: affinity.serif.com

Affinity Design 2 Affinity Design 2 Source: affinity.serif.com

Affinity Design 3 Affinity Design 3 Source: affinity.serif.com
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Affinity Designer is another iPad-capable graphics application. It offers nearly the same functionality as its macOS counterpart and features a perfectly intuitive user interface. Affinity Designer is a fast, precise application designed for drawing, editing and other creation. It offers iCloud integration and perfect collaboration with Apple Pencil, including pressure or angle sensitivity for the most accurate results. Once you become familiar with the app, your work with it will be simple and fast.

You can download Affinity Designer here for CZK 499 here.


If you are one of those who relax, relax and relax when coloring anything, Pigment will be right for you and your Apple Pencil. Slow down, relax and play the artist as you paint almost infinite variety of pictures. Pigment offers two coloring modes – one that will not let you drag and a more realistic mode in which you can do practically what you want.

Download Pigment for free here.

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