iPhone 11 and iPhone SE are cheaper for the weekend, prices have dropped by hundreds to thousands

Commercial announcement: The iPhone 11 is perhaps Apple's most popular phone ever, so it's no wonder it became last year's best-selling smartphone last year. If you are also looking for it, you can buy it now over the weekend for one of the best prices. Mobil Pohotovost has reduced the price of all variants of the iPhone 11, and the iPhone SE is also a bit cheaper.

Given the popularity of the iPhone 11, it is understandable that the phone is still sold in all six color variants. When choosing the capacity, you can choose from the 64GB and 128GB models, while the cheaper one starts at CZK 15,990. However, if you prefer a slightly smaller and cheaper phone, then you can reach for the second generation iPhone SE, which now starts at CZK 11,490.

iPhone 11 (64 GB) for CZK 15,990 (previously CZK 18,490)
iPhone 11 (128 GB) for CZK 17,490 (previously CZK 19,990)
iPhone SE 2020 (64 GB) for CZK 11,490 (previously CZK 12,990)
iPhone SE 2020 (128 GB) for CZK 12,490 (previously CZK 14,490)
iPhone SE 2020 (256 GB) for CZK 14,490 (previously CZK 17,590)

When buying an iPhone, it pays to use the new Koupíš, Prodáš service from Mobil Po Readiness, because you will receive a 20% better purchase price for your old phone. So all you have to do is buy a new iPhone, sell an old smartphone (tablet, laptop or watch) and then you just pay the difference, which you can also divide into monthly installments. You can find the purchase calculator right here.

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