iPhone 12 battery: We know the exact battery capacity of the iPhone 12 mini and 12

Apple is notorious for not introducing much of their technical specifications as such when introducing new hardware products, but rather what devices can simply do with them. In other words, instead of the battery capacity, it tells the world how many hours the phone lasts when playing video, and instead of showing the exact technical specifications of the camera, it prefers to show pictures from it. It is then necessary to study the exact technical specifications directly on his website, and then wait for the first analyzes of experts who reveal things that Apple itself did not say on the website, which is also the case with the above-mentioned battery capacity. Fortunately, we already know here – at least for the 12 mini and 12 iPhones.

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This time, the battery capacity was not discovered by iFixit electronics specialists, but by the Brazilian electronics regulator. Apple had to have its innovations certified, thanks to which we learn about battery capacities. The Brazilian authority's database shows that the 5.4 ”iPhone 12 received a 2227 mAh battery from Apple, while the 6.1” iPhone 12 has 2815 mAh. In neither case can we speak of a miraculous miracle, although it is clear that Apple had no choice due to the size of the phones. What's more – considering the size of the phones, it can be said that he still did well with the flashlights. For example, the iPhone SE 2nd generation with a body larger than the iPhone 12 mini has only 1821 mAh batteries – a smaller battery. As for the classic iPhone 12, it can best be compared with the 6.1 ”battery of the iPhone 11. Although it has a capacity of 3110 mAh, it is necessary to take into account that it fits into a larger body, even though they have phones the same diagonal of the display.

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Jiří Filip 22 hours ago 3

How it is in terms of battery capacity iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max is not yet completely clear at this time, as their records have not yet appeared in the Brazilian database. However, it can be expected that this will happen in the coming days and we will be able to get a slightly more accurate picture of them again. So perhaps their capacities will not be a disappointment, which some apple-makers fear due to the use of a higher-quality photo system.

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