iPhone 12 fix: Service of the iPhone 12 Pro costs almost the same as the new iPhone XR

If you hoped that this year Apple will be wise with the prices of its iPhones and after three years will present premium models for significantly less than 30 thousand crowns, Tuesday's Keynote will probably disappoint you. For classic iPhones 12, the deployment of lower prices was generally expected and not a start at 21,990 crowns at 12 mini and 24,990 crowns at 12. In the case of the 12 Pro series, we are again talking about amounts exceeding with one exception (specifically the basic model 12 Pro ) of the 30,000 mark. So the news can definitely not be described as cheap, which you will feel even if it breaks, so that it will not be covered by the warranty.

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Jiří Filip 15. 10. 2020 29

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We slowly got used to expensive out-of-warranty repairs of iPhones with the arrival of the iPhone X, which was the first to bring an OLED display, but also offered a glass back for wireless charging. The price of the repairs a year later was further enhanced by the arrival of the iPhone XS Max, which was directly based on the iPhone X, but was much larger than it was. The out-of-warranty repair of the display at authorized services cost $ 329, ie CZK 7,500 without taxes and other fees. 5.8 ″ OLED iPhones were paid $ 279 when replacing the display (ie about 6,400 crowns) And since the iPhones have 12 types with a very similar type, Apple charges very similar amounts for their out-of-warranty repairs as in previous years – specifically $ 279 6.1 ″ models (ie about 6500 crowns without tax and other fees). It follows at least in his price lists of services, which he updated. However, I repeat that you will only pay this amount if you break the screen through your own fault. However, if it suffers from a manufacturing defect, for example, it is covered by the warranty and Apple will repair it for you free of charge. And just for fun – replacing the 6.1 ″ Liquid Retina display on the iPhone 11 will cost you about a third cheaper, specifically for $ 199 (ie about 4,600 crowns). The difference is really significant, which is absolutely clear due to the different price of LCD and OLED displays. If you're wondering how much Apple will charge for replacing the 5.4 6 and 6.7 ″ models, we can't answer that question yet. As these models have not yet been sold, they are still missing from Apple's price list of repairs. In the case of a larger iPhone, however, it can be expected that Apple will keep the same price as for repairs of 6.5 ″ iPhones – ie $ 329 or if you want 7,500 crowns. Any other amount would be surprising given the pricing of the 6.1 ″ iPhone display service, which is the direct successor to 5.8 ″ iPhones.

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Does it cost you $ 279 to replace the display too much? Then know that you can get a much crazier amount of repairs. If you manage to destroy your phone even more – for example by breaking glass backs – and you need to replace them, you will get an amount even higher. In that case, Apple charges $ 549 for the 12 Pro model and $ 449 for the iPhone 12, which in the first case is almost the price you can get in the US without the iPhone XR base tax, ie with 64 GB of storage (the one there namely, it costs $ 599). Here, too, it is, of course, necessary to take into account that in the Czech Republic, this repair will be even more expensive for authorized service providers due to the offsetting of taxes and other fees. As for the price of other out-of-warranty repairs of the 12 mini and 12 Pro Max iPhones, the same applies as above – that is, they are not yet included in the price list.

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The prices of novelty repairs are therefore really high, which is the only thing that follows – it is necessary to be careful when using them. Just a moment of inattention and your wallet or payment card will suddenly be thousands of crowns poorer. This year, however, Apple also significantly increased the durability of the glass it used on the iPhones, and therefore it should not break with smaller caroms. However, the coincidence is b…. so it is definitely better to always work in such a way that it is not tempted at all.

Newly introduced Apple products will be available for purchase in addition to Apple.com, for example on Alza, Mobil Poohnosti or iStores

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