iPhone 12 is lagging behind. In 5G speed tests, it is slower than most Androids

Opensignal shared a new survey on the performance of 5G phones in the United States. Smartphone manufacturers are rapidly moving to implement the latest 5G technologies to improve the mobile user experience, which is why Samsung's recent innovation is a leader. And while Apple boasted of working with the US operator to develop 5G, its iPhone 12 is lagging behind.

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Pavel Jelič October 16, 2020 10

Of the 25 smartphones with the highest overall download speed in the US, 15 are Samsung. The recently launched Samsung Galaxy S21 5G has the highest average download speed of 56.0 Mbps. The other two S21 models are also in the top ten, which is a hope for the company's other smartphones, which are just getting ready for the market and will contain the same modem and chipset.

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The ranking also includes three models with a flexible display. These are the Motorola Razr 5G and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G and Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, in which manufacturers have handled the design of antennas very well so that they can receive 5G phones in both open and closed condition, regardless of how the user holds them. . As you can see in the table, you won't find the iPhone 12 here. The Apple iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max had average download speeds of 36.9 and 36.2 Mbps, while the iPhone 12 and 12 mini were even worse at 29.6 and 32.9 Mbps. They were overtaken not only by Google Pixel 5, but also by LG or TCL or OnePlus devices.

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iPhone 12 is lagging behind O2 5G coverage map by O2 operator

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iPhone 12 is lagging behind Vodafone 5G coverage map by Vodafone operator
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The fact that the iPhone 12 is lagging behind, but does not have to worry about Czech users. In our country, 5G network coverage is currently only in its infancy. In the case of the O2 operator, these are only Bílina, Kolín, Plzeň and Prague, in the case of the T-Mobile operator it is practically only Prague and Brno. Vodafone is the best, which also focuses on smaller municipalities.

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