iPhones 13 will offer a super-fast WiFi connection

Not only in the field of processors or mobile data connections, Apple still sees great room for improvement. According to very well-informed analysts from Barclays, he is currently not completely satisfied with the performance of WiFi connections in his products, so he expects a significant improvement in the iPhone 13. Barclays sources from Apple's supply chain state that the California giant plans to deploy WiFi 6E support for this year's iPhones.

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WiFi 6E technology can be simply described as WiFi 6 on steroids. It offers the same functions and options, but at much higher power and bit rates and lower latency, which can be achieved by using the 6GHz band. In other words, when using suitable WiFi transmitters, with this type of WiFi connection, far better results can be achieved than, for example, now with the iPhones 12 with WiFi 6.

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WiFi modules with 6E support are to be supplied to Apple by Broadcom, which cooperates with it on modules for current devices. It is quite interesting that Samsung also decided to use the tweak in its flagship Galaxy S12 Ultra, thanks to which we will soon be able to verify what benefits the new type of WiFi offers. However, with regard to Samsung's actions, the question arises as to whether Apple will not choose to deploy the 6E only on flagship models, as it is possible that the required module is much more expensive than the standard WiFi 6.

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