iPhones 14 could look forward to 3nm processors

While the echo of this year's WWDC in June is still fading for some, Apple's supply chains are preparing not only for the production of this year's iPhone models, but also for the introduction of new production processes, which should be implemented over the next year. According to available reports, TSMC, one of Apple's main suppliers, is currently preparing for the production of 3nm chips, which should start during the second half of 2022.

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Jan Vajdák 25. 5. 2021 0

Over the next few months, TSMC also plans to gradually start the production of 4nm chips – the DigiTimes server informed about it in its report. Apple has previously reserved an initial 4nm chip production capacity for its future Macs with TSMC, and relatively recently agreed with the manufacturer to begin production of A15 chips for the future iPhone 13. These chips are to be made using an improved 5nm process.

iPhones 13 get 5nm chips

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The DigiTimes report outlines a longer-term plan, including information that the 3nm process will improve performance by 15%, as well as energy efficiency improvements over N5 technology. The start of mass production using the 3nm process should take place during the second half of next year. TSMC boasts that its N3 technology will be among the most advanced in the world. Apple's A14 chips, which are equipped with last year's iPhones, were, like the M1 Silicon processors, manufactured using 5nm technology.

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